Ref: DO1890-Dog Age: 2 years
Breed: X Kane Corso Size: Giant
Sex: Male    

Charlie is a very large bundle of fun who has no idea how big he actually is. In fact he thinks he is a lap dog and if he gets the chance he will try to perch his bottom on an available lap. He has his basic training but does need a lot of work with some areas. His main issue is he has had no real socialisation with other dogs, and has no idea how to act around them. This has resulted in him getting over excited and being very reactive around other dogs, which being such a large dog makes him quite a handful. He requires an owner experienced with larger breeds, who is strong enough to keep him under control. His new owner must be willing to carry on with his training using a trainer recommended by ourselves. For someone willing to undertake the work needed, Charlie will be a very rewarding and loving pet, who will bring lots of enjoyment to his new family. We think he would suit living with teenaged children.

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Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years
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