Sponsor a Kennel or Cat Pen with an Annual Gift

Each year, we rescue, reunite and rehome hundreds of lost and abandoned cats and dogs. By committing to becoming a sponsor, you will help us provide much-needed food, shelter and veterinary care for each animal that calls your pen or kennel its temporary home.

You can sponsor a cat pen with an annual donation of £125 or sponsor a dog kennel for £150 annually.  

Sponsorship is a great gift for the animal lover in your life. A pen or kennel sponsorship can also be a lovely way to honour your own pet or a someone you love. 

Where Your Money Goes

The cost of a healthy dog’s first month at the Home costs approximately £156.11 and a healthy cat’s first month costs approximately £127.57. Your donation will be used to pay for food, medical care, heating, and all of the small comforts that make the lives of our rescue dogs and cats more enjoyable. Your contribution will help every animal that occupies your particular kennel or pen for one year.

What You Receive

To acknowledge your support, you will receive benefits, including a welcome pack, quarterly email update on sponsorship, and a plaque placed on our new sponsor wall. The new sponsorship wall will prominently display the names our sponsors or those they wish to honour on one of our kennel walls. 

If your donation is given as a gift, please contact us at fundraising@edch.org.uk and let us know how you would like the gift to be acknowledged.

Sign Up Now

You can become a sponsor today by signing up online, visiting the Home in person, or mailing a form to Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, 26 Seafield Road East, Edinburgh, EH15

Find Out More

For more information on sponsorship, please contact our fundraising team at fundraising@edch.org.uk or on 0131 669 5331.