Bella's story

On Wednesday 17 January 2018, a heavily pregnant Johnson Bulldog named Bella was handed in to the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home after her owner fell ill and could no longer care for Bella. The new arrival was taken to our Puppy House to settle in where our kennel staff set about ensuring Bella had everything she needed and was checked over by a vet. Later that month, we welcomed five beautiful, healthy puppies, originally named after cheeses: Brie, Colby, Edam, Fyn and Stilton formed the gorgeous family of six. Together they were affectionately known as the ‘Baby Bells’.

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As the puppies grew, so did their curiosity with the kennel staff one morning discovering they had learned to climb up and out of their pen. They certainly kept us busy, but we were never in short supply of staff volunteering to play with them.

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When the Baby Bells were ready, it was time for them to leave the Home. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for suitable families to be found with the puppies and Bella, all going to families who have given them a life of endless love and cuddles.

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It’s only through donations from our generous supporters that we are able to continue our vital work in rescuing, reuniting and rehoming lost and abandoned pets throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians.

A donation to our Christmas Appeal will help dogs like Bella and her puppies, who rely on us for food, shelter and medical treatment as we work tirelessly to find them a safe and secure place to call home.

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