Bunty's story

On Thursday 7 June 2018, a heavily pregnant cat called Bunty was handed in at the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home by a concerned member of the public. Just two days after arriving, and with round-the-clock care from our staff, Bunty gave birth to three healthy kittens.

Bunty took immediately to motherhood and enjoyed doting on her little ones, regularly cleaning them and making sure they were all getting enough to drink. She was incredibly patient as they clambered all over her and pounced on her twitching tail.

£12.60 can feed a mother cat and her kittens for two weeks

As the kittens grew, they began to show their personalities, from playful Scout and mischievous Maomi, who kept the new mum on her paws, to the relaxed Kucing, who preferred to watch his siblings’ antics from afar. Once the kittens were old enough, the search began to find them their forever homes. Thankfully, it didn’t take long, with the kittens being welcomed into loving families.

Before Bunty left our care, she was neutered, so that she didn’t have to worry about going through the ordeal of having kittens again. 

£54.89 could neuter a female cat to prevent future pregnancies

In a heart-warming end to her time at the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, she was taken in by the wonderful person who found her roaming the streets as a heavily pregnant stray. She has a second chance at life in a home where she never has to worry about being scared and alone ever again.

£60.89 can provide live saving vaccinations for cats in our care

This story may have ended very differently for Bunty and her kittens, had it not been for that kind person who handed her in and the team at the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home who expertly handed her care. Of course, our work could not be possible, without the ongoing support of generous donations. Without any government or lottery funding, we rely on support from the public to continue our vital work in rescuing, reuniting and rehoming lost and abandoned pets like Bunty and her kittens,

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